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About Us

Color Youniversity is a subdivision of our photopolymer clear cling rubber stamp brand, Stamp Anniething.

While connecting with our fan base, we were asked for techniques, tutorials and coloring tips.  Although we do offer many free LIVE color along videos in our Facebook Fan page, there are customers that want that more personal and connected learning experience.  This is why Color Youniversity was born. 

We strive to give clear and thorough direction in our live classes and our Stream ones as well.  Students can ask for assistance at any time and continue to learn as we offer exclusive kit contents for these classes that can not be purchased elsewhere.  All our classes contain the neccesities to complete the projects offered, less adhesives and scissors and ink and coloring mediums.  Please refer to kit class contents to see what is included.


Thank you for your interest in joining our YOUniversity!